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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 6: Wizards fans are overwhelmingly confident despite recent struggles

Also, check out which dishes you like the most on Thanksgiving Day and where most fans will be during this long weekend.

Washington Wizards v New Orleans Pelicans
This man is one reason why fans remain confident in the Wizards.
Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

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Wizards results: 94 percent of fans are confident in the team direction

SB Nation

Our most recent survey ended on Tuesday (a little earlier than usual), before the Wizards’ loss to the Pelicans on Wednesday. Based on 108 responses, 94 percent of Wizards fans said they were confident in the team. The main themes why is because of roster depth and Wes Unseld, Jr. coaching the team.

Here are two responses that stood out:

  • “I remain confident because of the MANNER in which the Wiz accomplished their victories. They are committed to the defensive end and they have a grit to their grind that wins in the NBA.”
  • “Talent and coaching upgrades — we’re likely to get better as chemistry improves with time. Along with the introduction of Rui Hachimura and Thomas Bryant as well as Davis Bertans. Plus, trade opportunities down the road.”

Among fans who were not confident, the primary theme why such fans are that way is because they are skeptical of the hot start being part of a longer-term trend. One respondent said, “We peaked way too early.” Given that the Wizards have lost two in a row and were blown out by the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday, there is reason to believe that things are crashing back to earth for Washington. After all, while their defensive rating is ninth, their offense is 21st. Given their 11-7 record, that indicates that Washington’s overachieving a bit.

Finally, with Wizards fan confidence being very high despite two losses last week to the Hornets and Miami Heat on the road, it should be noted that the Wizards did have a strong comeback win to beat the Heat last Saturday. Before that game, it seemed that Washington was destined to lose again, but they won 103-100 instead. We asked if you felt that the Wizards were going to lose BEFORE that game was played, and 71 percent of you said no. In other words, you were confident that the Wizards were going to take care of business!

More Wizards results: check out your preferences for Thanksgiving

SB Nation

I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, but I was stuffed and Matt Modderno had another piece about Thanksgiving, so I let his piece run before my “fluffy” one.

As you know, turkey is the traditional main dish for an American Thanksgiving, so it was no surprise that 78 percent of you said that you like turkey on this special day. I’m lukewarm over turkey to be honest so I voted “NO!” To be clear, I don’t mind turkey and there will be one this year for my family. But I’m not the biggest fan of turkey as a meat option.

Here are some other questions we asked specifically about Thanksgiving:

  • We asked where you will be this weekend and it feels like this year will be like 2019 before the coronavirus hit. 70 percent (72 people) said you’re staying home, followed by 25 percent saying that you will travel to see extended family within the United States. Two percent said they will travel internationally to see extended family and three percent said they will be on vacation. Let us know where you have traveled to if you aren’t home!
  • We asked what your favorite traditional Thanksgiving side dish is and allowed you to pick multiple choices. Of the responses, there were a trio of winners. While a plurality 46 percent (48 people) selected mashed potatoes as a favorite side, that was followed by a two-way tie where 45 percent (47 people) selected macaroni and cheese and stuffing as their favorite side. Eighteen percent (19) selected candied yams, 14 percent (15) selected “other” and 7 percent (8) selected cranberry patties. Personally, I can have all of those sides except .... cranberry patties.
  • Thanksgiving isn’t all about turkey as a main course. Maybe you just hate turkey. Or maybe you’re vegetarian or vegan. So we asked what you will have instead if that is the case. There were no winners. But answers included pot roast beef, Bulgogi, fried chicken, ham, Chinese takeout, prime rib steaks and vegetarian lasagna. All excellent choices!

National results: Fans are thankful for a competitive season and new rules. Some are also thankful for the Lakers’ struggles!

SB Nation

There was one national question this week, which was on what you are most thankful for this season. Out of every fanbase’s responses (sorry, the SBN overlords won’t let me divulge that data), 30 percent voted that a competitive league was their choice. I voted that as well, given that the Wizards have started better than expected as well as a number of other teams. Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to meet the Brooklyn Nets in the Finals and everyone else was supposed to compete for second place?

Of the remaining choices, 24 percent were thankful for new rules, including those intended to limit the opportunities for players to over-sell their attempt to get a shooting foul for free throw opportunities. In third place, 16 percent of fans were most thankful for seeing the Lakers struggle as they try to incorporate Russell Westbrook into the fold. And finally, 14 percent are thankful that the NBA season is back to normal at 82 games with no caps on in-game attendance.

We’ll have our next survey around next Monday! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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