What are you thankful for and what do you want for the holidays?

I'm very thankful for the Wizards strong start to the season. If someone told me this summer: you can have the Wizards start 11 - 6 without Hachimura (and of course Bryant) playing a minute through 17 games and Bertans missing ten games, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

But the Eastern Conference is really tight; 13 of the 15 teams are playing better than .400 ball. That's really competitive so the Wizards must maintain their winning ways. They're now embarking on a road trip to close out this month so winning, while essential, won't be easy. To stay at the top of the conference, they'll need to win all four games including at Dallas against the Mavericks.

What I want for the holidays is more consistency from all Wizard players (but Montrezl Harrell). Harrell is a rock steady solid performer and the best Wizard BY FAR this young season. One reason Harrell is the best is because he's the most consistent of all the players on the team. The coach can depend on him game in game out for a solid to outstanding performance. For everyone else, it's a guess as to how they will play that evening -- too wide a range of highs and lows. Deni Avdija's defense is probably the second most dependable contribution, but he's unreliable at scoring and he misses a high percentage of times when he's shooting close to the rim.

Ideally a whole bunch of Wizards will rise to the occasion and will achieve a dependable level of play. Until that happens, I think we have to give minutes to 12 - 13 players in the first half, and then tend to ride the hot hands through the end of that game whomever those players are.

Too often, some player(s) are scoring effectively but then the Wizards move away from that player / approach to the game even if the opponent hasn't made adjustments to shut those players down; that's been very frustrating to watch.

What are you thankful for and what do you want for the holidays?

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