Why the love affair for a blockbuster trade now?

For the first time, in a very long time, the Wizards show promise and have strong chemistry particularly given it's just the start to the season, so why are a lot of fans wanting / exploring scenarios for a blockbuster trade now?

The last thing I want to do is disrupt the team / its chemistry by trading a valuable asset.

Sure, if they want to trade Bertans or Gill or Kispert, I would be okay with that, but what would the Wizards get in return for them? And if Unseld likes what these players offer the team, I wouldn't be looking to trade any of them either.

And I don't think we would get fair value for Hachimura or Bryant so I don't want to trade them either even if they haven't played yet. They both are still young and were trending up.

And the other players on the roster have contributed to the way the team is playing this season and key to the chemistry / victories.

Do I worry about back-up guard play especially in a playoff series or how we defend against players like Embiid? I do but neither of those scenarios is an easy fix, and a trade could negatively impact the team chemistry that's working really well right now.

So my question is: why the love affair for a blockbuster trade now, and why are people suggesting now trades the Wizards should do?

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