8 Options (Replace Gill) If We Want A Bench Player That Can Play Defense At SF.

A) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

- Just Defend, No Need To Score. He Is Somewhere Out There.

B) Al Farouq-Aminu

- Waived By Spurs, Maybe He Can Help. He Can Play PF/SF

C) James Ennis 3rd

- He Can Play Solid Defense, And Can Somehow Shoot.

D) Mamadi Diakite

- Played Great In G- League, NBA Champion As Bucks, Recovering From Injury.

E) Stanley Johnson

- Waived By Bulls, Just Defend The Opponent.

F) Andre Roberson

- Very Solid Lockdown Defender. No Need To Score.

G) Justin Jackson

- No Idea What Role He Gets, But He Can Play.

H) Wesley Iwundu

- Maybe You Got Knowledge About This Guy.


Would Adding One Of This Guys Makes Sense?. Asside from a bucket getter, If they play defense, Maybe coach wes used them as a veteran or young guy decoy you insert inside.

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