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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 4: The Cavaliers have a more surprisingly good start than the Wizards

The Milwaukee Bucks were voted as having the most surprisingly slow start by fans.

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers
Apparently, the national media isn’t on our side.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

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National results: The Cavaliers have the most surprisingly hot start while the Bucks have most surprisingly slow start

SB Nation

As Washington Wizards fans, we’re used to not seeing the team get any love in the national questions, especially for good reason. But this week, the Wizards were one of the answer choices listed in this week’s national survey on the teams with a surprisingly hot start.

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the poll as 46 percent of respondents picked that their start was hotter.

This survey closed on Wednesday afternoon, a few hours before the Cavs faced the Wizards and lost. But that aside, they were 7-4 heading into last night’s game and had an over-under of 26.5 wins for the 2021-22 NBA season as a whole. The Wizards’ over under was just 33.5 wins, also not good by any means while not as bad as the Cavaliers. So far this season, Cleveland’s biggest victories include road wins against the Denver Nuggets on Oct. 25 and Los Angeles Clippers on Oct. 27, as well as their four-game win streak before playing Washington last night.

The Wizards have had a hot start of their own due to wins, with their marquee ones coming against the Boston Celtics on Oct. 30 and Milwaukee Bucks on Nov. 7.

SB Nation

When some teams have surprisingly hot starts, other teams must have surprisingly slow ones. In our national survey, the Milwaukee Bucks led with 45 percent while the Los Angeles Lakers were second with 20 percent.

Milwaukee, the defending champions were just 5-6 when the survey closed since they played and defeated the New York Knicks yesterday evening. Five of their losses have come in streaks, including a three game losing stretch at home to finish the month of October.

The Lakers were 6-5 when the survey closed before they defeated the Miami Heat last night in overtime. They started the season with two consecutive losses and integrating former Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook into the lineup hasn’t been easy.

Tomorrow, we will share the results of our Wizards fans only survey!

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