Ted Leonsis is basketball illiterate. No NBA small forward 3 years in a row.

If someone owns a team and pays 400 million dollars over 3 seasons how do you not have a small forward since the 2018 season. Shame on the owner. Teddy this goes deeper than the bad gm's. This team has 6 power forwards and no small forwards. What is going on with non basketball people running my team into the ground the last 40 years???

Rui, Deni, Kuzma, Bertans, Gill and Todd. Get rid of 2-3 of these guys in the next 9 months. There is not enough minutes for these guys to get playing time.

1. Drafting Rui made sense. Good

2. Drafting Deni made no sense after just drafting Rui. Bad

3. Bertans should have been traded for a 1st round pick that multiple teams offered, but non basketball minds decided to not trade him and give him 16 million per season for 4 years. Bad

4. Getting Kuzma was part of getting rid of Westbrook's contract. Good

5. Gill should of never been resigned when DC. Bad

6. Todd should have never been drafted period. Bad

Sick of playing non NBA G league players at small forward.

PG: Dinwiddie / Neto / Holiday

SG: Beal / KCP / Kispert


PF: Rui / Kuzma / Bertans / Deni / Gill / Todd

C: Gafford / Harrell / Thomas

DC is a freaking starting small forward away from being a contender. Too many people are playing out of position. Forcing a goofy Ariza, KCP, Bertans, Deni and Kispert to play SF is awkward yet again for the third season in a row.

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