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Wizards have players’ only meeting, even before the start of the preseason

If anything, this meeting likely means that the team is serious about NOT starting the regular season on the wrong foot.

2021-22 Washington Wizards Media Day
The Washington Wizards had a players’ only meeting recently before a single game was played.
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

When you hear the word “players’ only meeting,” that generally happens during the middle of a season, after a team goes on a losing stretch. The Washington Wizards have had these types of meetings in past seasons, like other teams, often after a losing stretch. But this time, the Wizards had a players’ only meeting, during training camp last week according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

In Hughes’ report, Montrezl Harrell was the one to call the meeting after Friday’s practice. Bradley Beal made a speech about the importance of team unity. And apparently, the reason for this meeting wasn’t because of a bad practice, let alone losing games, or …. you know … the v-word that helps slow the spread of the coronavirus. After all, the Wizards have yet to play a single game in the preseason, which starts on Tuesday.

Rather, the meeting was called because Harrell at least wanted to get everyone on the same page. He, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope come to the Wizards from the Los Angeles Lakers where they were used to their team being a brotherhood that went beyond the court. And per Hughes’ article, they want that same type of atmosphere in Washington this season.

Is there much to read into this type of meeting? Perhaps not too much since games aren’t played yet. But the Wizards have been known for having slow starts time and time again. So this meeting shouldn’t be viewed as anything bad per se.

Anyway, it’s good to see that the Wizards are committed to doing what they can to avoid some of these 0-5-ish starts that have hurt the team in recent seasons, even when they ultimately made successful playoff runs.