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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 2: National results on leaguewide rule changes regarding shooting fouls, replays

Here are the national results from our survey this week.

Charlotte Hornets v Brooklyn Nets
There are some rule changes that appear to be targeted at superstars that are looking for fouls.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

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National Results: Most NBA fans believe the game is better after there are fewer shooting fouls

SB Nation

If there’s something that has been a major thing in the NBA in recent years, it’s that players have often went for shooting fouls, jumping into defenders and throwing the ball at the hoop in the hopes of getting a couple shots. In the past, this attempt was often successful. Now, it’s not.

At any rate, because of the change in the rules, 87 percent of NBA fans are pleased to see that offensive players can’t simply jump at the hoop for the heck of it.

With an overwhelming majority of fans happy with this rule change, it should be no surprise that a near identical majority (87 percent) don’t feel that Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden was unfairly targeted by the move.

SB Nation

In our last national question, fans were asked about the NBA’s new end-of-game replay procedures. Only 30 percent have noticed a change in the style of play since the moves.

SB Nation

Since we’ve only seen one week of regular season games played so far, it’s early. But I still think that there’s no need for NBA games’ end-of-game replays turning 90 seconds of game time into 30 minutes.

Later this week, we will go over the Washington Wizards only section part of our survey!