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The Wizards’ current losing streak is primarily from their coronavirus hiatus

A two week layoff is hard to shake off. But even then, the Wizards were still struggling before they were struck by COVID-19.

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards
The Wizards have almost everyone back. But it’s still going to be hard to get into midseason form.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards have now played four games since taking a two week hiatus due to multiple players getting the coronavirus. They have lost all four of those games and have an NBA-worst 3-12 record.

I am on record saying that the team is in panic mode. And I am also on record that it’s time to fire Scott Brooks. These opinions remain.

But I am also not surprised that the Wizards are on a losing streak this tune because of something outside everyone’s control. It is because the team is getting back on the court after two weeks and players are not in top shape against other teams who haven’t had coronavirus outbreaks like the Wizards have.

Other teams had smaller outbreaks like the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks and went on losing runs after. The Wizards are doing no different in this respect.

Still, it is looking more and more difficult to see Washington make the NBA Playoffs’ play-in round this season. Their losing streak doesn’t help, but they were already 3-8 before the outbreak. Barring a sudden winning run, this will be a tough season.