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SB Nation NBA reacts: Wizards fans’ confidence reaches a new low this season

In the national results, a majority thought that Kevin Durant was the go-to player for the final shot among the Brooklyn Net’s Big Three.

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Miami Heat v Washington Wizards
I hate to kick to the Washington Wizards while they’re down and sick from the coronavirus. But they were playing poorly before getting struck.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

On Thursday, I released the results of the SB Nation NBA Reacts survey that was held around Jan. 13. That’s why I’m releasing the result for the survey ending Jan. 20 today, just one day after slacking off on last week’s results. Please forgive me because I was just really depressed from the Washington Wizards’ coronavirus woes.

Anyway, if you are wondering how Wizards fan confidence is, only THIRTEEN PERCENT OF FANS are confident in the team.

SB Nation

The Wizards haven’t played a game since last week, yet fans feel even more dissatisfied with the team than the week before. Why could it be?

I really can’t explain why based on what happened in the past week. Positive coronavirus cases can come from almost any type of exposure. It’s not necessarily because players are hanging out in a night club or an unauthorized house party, something that some fans may be tempted to insinuate.

Nevertheless, the Wizards may be back on the road for a THREE GAME ROAD trip starting Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs with multiple players who have just recovered from the coronavirus and don’t have enough practice time under their belts before returning. Given that Washington is still 3-8, don’t be surprised to see them be 3-11 if these games are played.

The Wizards were already in panic mode before the pandemic hit them. If they were around .500 (5-6 or 6-5) before Jan. 11, I wouldn’t be as worried about Washington’s playoff chances and I wouldn’t be as panicky. But now, I’m more concerned since there’s a good chance Bradley Beal will want out as these losses pile up, coronavirus-induced or otherwise.

National Question: Kevin Durant is the player on the Brooklyn Nets who should take the last shot.

SB Nation

That was obvious. James Harden and Kyrie Irving were the other choices. My reaction?


(Sorry for the New York City stereotypes, I just couldn’t resist!)

There was a question about whether the Nets would be a dramatic disaster or a stoppable machine. Since this graphic leans toward a ring, I guess that means slightly more people think they’ll be unstoppable.

SB Nation

Yet, 65 percent don’t think the Nets are winning a title as constructed.

SB Nation

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