Deal of the Day: Should the Wizards and Celtics conduct this trade of just draft picks?

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Case of the Mondays for Deal of the Day, an exercise in NBA deal making and a sanity check for yours truly as we wait for the NBA Draft. Each day I'll post a trade idea that I think helps the Wizards. No trade is too small, no trade is too big… but I only have so many 4+ team trades in me, I swear. Move up in the draft? Yessir. Move back? For sure-for sure. All trades run through tradenba (dot) com simulator. Salary cap rules may be bent but hopefully not broken.

Today's Deal of the Day: A Wizards and Celtics all-draft pick trade deal

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The Washington Wizards first round pick, #9 overall and #37 overall to the Boston Celtics for their three first round picks, #14, #26 and #30.

In my most recent mock draft the Wizards selected Devin Vassell at #9 and Xavier Tillman at #37. Boston selected RJ Hampton at #14, Leandro Bolmaro at #26 and Vernon Carey at #30. We’ll redraft below.

Why the Celtics do the deal?

The Celtics are riding high in the playoffs reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and in the draft with 3 first round picks. In this scenario they are enamored with point guard Killian Hayes and know they have to get ahead of the Suns, at least, to get him. They agree to the deal IF Hayes is there.

Why the Wizards do the deal?

All of the trade down proposals I post are predicated on the assumption that the Wizards don’t have enough assets to assemble a roster better than say 7th or 8th in the East. They’ll operate as a team over the cap this offseason. Their available exceptions only go so far.

The Wizards reportedly like 10-15 players at the top of the draft. They could just keep Vassell at 9 but adding #26 and #30 for dropping 5 spots is too much for the asset starved Front Office to turn down. This also assumes they like the value of players in this range and prefer to have them for 5 years instead of the variable contracts for 2nd round picks. By including #37 their picks will have a higher salary for picks toward the cap overall but zero taken from the MLE. Still a chance they would move down from #30 or swap for a 21 pick.

If they keep all three I have them choosing Saddiq Bey at 14 after watching Hayes, Patrick Williams, Vassell, Nesmith and Precious Achiuwa go ahead of them. At the end of the round it's a grab bag of Leandro Bolmaro (stash), then pick your favorite F/C. Daniel Oturu, Killian Tillie, and Xavier Tillman. If they plan on spending a chunk of the MLE on a veteran defensive presence at C then I can see Tommy picking Killian Tillie.

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