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Wizards vs. Thunder final score: Washington blown out in 121-103 rout

The Washington Wizards remain the only team without a win in the Orlando bubble.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Oklahoma City Thunder Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards remain the only win-less team in ``The Bubble” in Orlando. After an early matinee game that started around 12:30 p.m. ET the Wizards hopes for a gentleman’s exit from Orlando (i.e., a win) remains with games against Milwaukee and Boston that have essentially secured their playoff standings and might slack off in their final games. Though I wouldn’t recommend betting on it...

This Sunday matinee was anything but competitive as the Thunder built a double-digits lead early and never looked back to cruise to an easy 121-103 win over the Wizards.

Entertaining moments

As the competitive element of the game disappeared after a few minutes, one of the (only) entertaining aspects of watching the game was hearing the Thunder commentators trash the Wizards now and then. For instance, early in the first quarter:

``The Wizards seem to just be clunking threes every trip.”

Another entertaining aspect was watching Scott Brooks’ facial expressions as his players kept turning the ball over repeatedly on careless passes.

Second quarter:

``That’s embarassing, how can you let a guy blow-by help like that”,

``Gallinari has all day to take one....knocks it down... 9 made threes and we still have a couple minutes to go here in the 2nd quarter.”

``They keep picking Washington’s defense apart.”

Brooks got T’ed up midway through the second quarter for complaining a foul on Thomas Bryant that was actually called (I can’t remember when I last saw that happen, but the refs seem to call a T nowadays for raising your eyebrows).

The Thunder TV crew was not just negatives though: TB got some love,

``He has taken his game to another level in the Bubble. I do not understand how the Lakers just let him walk, basically waived him.”

Hachimura a bit less

“Hachimura has been really quiet... a lot of upside for the rookie out of Gonzaga.”

Fourth quarter came the dagger:

``The game never really felt serious.”


  • Carelessness. The Wizards game - if I must describe it in one word - would be described as careless. Careless passes, lackluster defense, no urgency. Both on the court and on the bench.
  • OKC is a model the Wizards should follow: a creative front office, committed players, a cohesive locker-room, cap space, and.... plenty of draft picks...
  • What’s up with Hachimura? He does seem to be a bit lost, on both sides of the floor.
  • Bonga’s been showing some positives, but something seems to be off with the mechanics of his 3-point shot. Or maybe it’s just me?
  • Scrimmage. This felt like a scrimmage. It looked like a scrimmage. It was a scrimmage.
  • Why is Ish Smith playing? Isn’t the Bubble supposed to be a place for development and giving youngsters the stage? It would have been nice seeing Jonathan Williams and others get minutes, and maybe, maybe, maybe, even see Troy Brown Jr. get minutes at point? Probably not under Brooks’ watch.
  • Ish did provide a memorable moment though in the post-game media avail: as the Wizards PR staffer asked if there are anymore questions from anyone once, twice, and then third time, Ish chimed in ``Sold!”