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Bullets Forever talks Wizards and Pacers on The Indy Cornrows Podcast

Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets
Troy Brown dishing for one of his 8 assists against the Nets.
Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images

BulletsForever’s Kevin Broom joined Mark Schindler on The Indy Cornrows podcast to preview the Pacers-Wizards matchup.

During the pod, they discussed:

  • Myles Turner
  • The Wizards season — Before Times and Bubble
  • How Bradley Beal was borderline for the All-Star team and then improved his performance enough to become borderline for All-NBA
  • How the Wizards are reloading/rebuilding
  • Wizards goals in The Bubble and the outlook for next year.

This episode was recorded before the Wizards loss to the Nets. Check out the recap by Alan Jenkins and some postgame analysis from Kevin Broom.