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July mailbag answers: John Wall’s projected three point shooting numbers and the Wizards’ prioritization of sharpshooters next season

Here are the answers to the July 2020 Mailbag!

Washington Wizards All Access Practice
John Wall hasn’t been known as an NBA sharpshooter. I don’t think he’ll ever hit that level, but he could have one of his better long range performances next season.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Thank you for your questions for this mailbag. Selected answers are below. Please note that I wrote them BEFORE the Wizards’ scrimmage against the Nuggets today.

Will preseason games be televised? (VBfan)

Yes the scrimmage games will be, since that’s what I think you are referring to.

Has Isaac Bonga, only 20 years old, grown in size (height or weight) since he was drafted in June 2018? (expatde)

According to the draft combine, he was about 6’9 and 200 lbs before the 2018 Draft but he’s listed at about 6’8 and 180 now.

Since the NBA is better about listing players’ actual measurements, I’m not sure how much he’s built into his frame. That said, as a player, Bonga will need to become a more assertive player on offense, especially now that Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans are out.

Even if Bertans decides to re-sign with Washington, do you believe the Wizards will still target a 3pt shooter in the draft? (gavalon55)

I think three-point shooting is a necessary skill in today’s NBA, regardless of whatever happens with Bertans. They signed Jarrod Uthoff last week as a matter of fact. Even though Uthoff may not be a long-term addition for Washington, that’s not going to be a signwhere the Wizards can rest on their laurels on whether to add another potential sharpshooter to the roster, regardless of position.

What is your prediction for John Wall’s three-point shooting stats in the 2020-21 season? (attempts and % made) (Expatde)

Assuming Wall plays all 82 games of a hypothetical 2020-21 NBA season, I’ll say he makes 120 three point shots out of 350 attempts. That is a percentage rate of 34.2 percent. This isn’t a particularly high rate, but making 120 threes in 82 games would be one of the higher marks of his career since he’d be making nearly 1.5 threes per game.

I was also asked some Mystics questions, but I’ll do it in a predictions pieces for tomorrow!