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Bradley Beal questions Scott Cohen’s past and his bid for the New York Mets

The Washington Wizards guard tweeted out an article that wasn’t so flattering on a competing bidder for the New York Mets.

Wizards and Mystics Juneteenth Peaceful Protest March
Bradley Beal isn’t pleased about Steve Cohen, a competing bidder for the New York Mets MLB team.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Bradley Beal is spending the NBA season restart at home to officially rehab from a shoulder injury. But he’s also getting ready to plan for his future, where he is part of an Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez-led ownership group to buy the New York Mets MLB team from the Wilpon family, who is selling the franchise.

Last Friday, he tweeted an article questioning Major League Baseball for questioning a competitor, namely hedge fund manager Steve Cohen:

The article was written by Jessica Ramos of The New York Daily News, who pointed at some scandals he was part of, namely that his firm was found guilty of insider trading in 2013 — and even had a toxic work culture that made things hostile for women.

That certainly hits close to home given that the now-Washington NFL team had a major article on that issue last Thursday. But I digress.

Cohen believes his $2 billion bid for the Mets will be more than enough to convince the Wilpons to sell to him. Though I’m not privy to how team sales work, perhaps, but the national conversation around racial inequality has changed in recent weeks. Perhaps that and Cohen’s past could be enough for the Wilpons to sell to Rodriguez and Lopez’s group (which Beal would be part of).

After all, they only have to look at a football team in Loudoun County, Virginia to see how a new team owner can destruct a team’s pride and the local area’s support for it.