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Bradley Beal has not made a decision to participate in the NBA’s Orlando restart

Bertans is not returning, will Beal?

Juneteenth Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Bradley Beal revealed he has not made a decision to participate in the NBA’s Orlando, Florida, restart in a Wednesday afternoon Zoom conference call with media members. Beal has continued to work out and said he isn’t “swayed, one way or another.”

Beal is concerned about the rising coronavirus case numbers in Florida. “We do watch the news,” he said. “It’s a little scary,” he later admitted.

The 27-year-old confirmed that his decision either way does not have to do with social justice reform. “We stopped playing basketball because of COVID,” Beal said. “We didn’t stop because of social injustice. And I feel like we still can raise awareness by playing basketball…But I get it from both sides of those who think it’s a distraction. I don’t think it is.”

Last week, Davis Bertans became the first healthy player to opt out of the league’s restart as a preventive measure. Beal said he “didn’t feel any type of way” about Bertans’ decision and was supportive of it.

With or without Beal, the Wizards will have eight-regular season games when they arrive in Orlando. Their first matchup is against the Phoenix Suns on July 31.

At the end of the call, Beal put on a light blue face mask and said, “wear your mask!”