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Bleav in Wizards Mailbag: We want to hear from Wizards fans and help answer any questions you have!

Send us your questions about the early 2000’s teams or anything current that you’d want a former player’s perspective on!

Wizards v Suns
Larry Hughes counseling teammate Gilbert Arenas
Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Former Wizard and 13-year NBA veteran Larry Hughes and I started the Bleav in Wizards podcast to try to give fans a different perspective and unique insight into life in the NBA and what goes on behind-the-scenes of an NBA organization.

There’s a lot of great Wizards content out there but nothing else where a fan gets to ask questions of a former player directly every week. I’ve been on the media side of things but at heart, I’m just a crazy fan like everyone else on the message boards here.

I like to think I know the game at a pretty reasonable level but I learn a lot from talking to Larry each week. There are just so many things you can’t know from simply watching on television.

For instance, on our second most recent episode, we talked about what it’s like to be the subject of trade rumors and how hard it is for a player to sit out even when it’s in their long-term best interest (or the team’s). I try to ask the questions I think all of us would like to hear the answers to.

But we figured why limit the opportunity to get his perspective to just me. This is why we wanted to do a mailbag and let you all have a more active role in what we talk about. If you want Larry’s perspective on the NBA’s plans to return, the current roster, playing with Michael Jordan, being in a Nelly music video, or any noteworthy Gilbert Arenas pranks, ask away! It’s all fair game!

We’ve discussed in previous episodes why Larry ultimately didn’t re-sign in Washington and I’d encourage you to go back and listen to that if you’re curious. It basically boiled down to lukewarm interest from the organization and the lack of a legitimate offer from the front office. Those were his guys, Gilbert was his guy, he loved the city, and he loved the fans here. But you have to go where you feel wanted.

Lots of times we only hear directly from the organization in those situations and end up blaming the player. Some offers aren’t real offers and sometimes agents will let you know who else teams have been reaching out to. There’s much more that factors into those types of decisions that we don’t necessarily get to hear about as fans. So if you’re curious about how free agency works from the player’s perspective, send us some questions about that too.

Seattle Sonics v Washington Wizards
Arenas, Jamison, and Hughes celebrating a win
Photo by Mitchell Layton/NBAE via Getty Images

We interviewed Brendan Haywood and Jared Jeffries about playing on the mid-2000’s teams and with Jordan, spoke to Muggsy Bogues about playing for the Bullets, heard about Sam Dekker’s journey to get back in the league, and had Walt Williams on to talk about what it was like being an NBA player who is from this area originally. We want to bring you guests with perspectives you will find interesting so let us know who you would like to hear from.

To submit your questions you can DM us at @bleavinwizards on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook, leave them in the comments section here, or email us at bleavinwizards at If you want your name to be read with your question let us know that too, please!

If you do listen, please do us a favor and click the “download” button. That let’s our sponsors know you’d like to keep hearing more. And if you like what you’re hearing, feel free to tell a friend or leave us a review. We would appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

Thank you for all of the support and the warm reception thus far!