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SB Nation Reacts: Most fans are confident in Adam Silver’s job as NBA Commissioner, but how long will it last?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Silver remains well-liked by fans. But I’m also not sure if that’s going to last forever.

2020 NBA All-Star - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is regarded as the best sports league leader in American professional sports. Now, it remains to be seen if that can persist during the coronavirus pandemic,
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Yesterday, I wrote about Washington Wizards fan confidence in our latest SB Nation Reacts poll. Today, I’ll focus more on the national question of the week, regarding NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Are fans confident in the way he handles his job?

According to SB Nation NBA sites’ fans, the answer is an overwhelming yes. Ninety-one percent said yes.

SB Nation

Though Silver is generally in fans’ good graces, the next few years will be the most difficult of his career.

The coronavirus pandemic will almost definitely decrease player salaries over the next several years. Because of that, there could be labor unrest, especially if the current CBA ends before 2023-24 as scheduled. If there is a work stoppage sometime in the future, Silver is bound to take a hit with his perception.

And then there’s the season restart itself. What if this restart is botched?

The NBA will restart the 2019-20 season in Florida, a state that is currently experiencing a spike of cases. And we don’t know if there could be more cases IN the bubble, AND if someone gets severe complications from the coronavirus. If this happens, then that would be bad for the league and for Silver.

How do you feel Adam Silver is doing as the NBA Commissioner? Let us know in the comments below, and click on the link below to join SB Nation Reacts!