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SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fans think the team is a beneficiary of the hiatus, heading in the wrong direction

Reacts, f/k/a FanPulse is back. And we have some interesting findings.

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards
Davis Bertans’ absence is likely why Wizards fans don’t feel so confident.
Photo by Sam Weaver/NBAE via Getty Images

The Wizards haven’t played games in over three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, I haven’t written about FanPulse in a long time.

Now that the NBA is on track to return, we are resuming FanPulse, which has a new name: SB Nation Reacts!

In last week’s polling, there were two interesting findings. First, 58 percent of you believe that the Wizards benefited from the NBA’s hiatus.

SB Nation

This is not a surprise. The Wizards are the last team in a 22-team field for the season restart. In many ways, making this field is essentially making the postseason, even though the NBA technically calls this a continuation of the regular season.

Now, here is where things are interesting. Fifty-eight percent of you also don’t have confidence in the Wizards heading in the right direction.

SB Nation

These trends seem at odds with each other. However, the poll was sent out last Tuesday, just one day after Davis Bertans was reportedly sitting out the rest of the season. Perhaps this result wouldn’t have been this way if he were playing.

In the end, I think confidence should shoot up a bit if we had the poll today now that the Bertans news settled in.