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John Wall launches rent relief program in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C., also says he won’t play this season

The Washington Wizards star is looking to serve the community during a great time of need,

Washington Wizards Special Olympics
John Wall may not be playing games right now, but he is doing what he can for Ward 8, the community where the Entertainment and Sports Arena and practice facility is at.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

On Tuesday, Washington Wizards guard John Wall was interviewed on MSNBC by anchor Craig Melvin. Since MSNBC is a “straight news” channel and not ESPN, Wall was clearly not talking about basketball. Instead, he was talking about what he could do to help the residents of Ward 8.

Ward 8 is the southern-most administrative area of Washington that borders Prince George’s County, Md. to its east. It is also the Ward where Congress Heights and the Entertainment and Sports Arena are located. The Wizards already have a major connection to Ward 8 because they practice at a facility that is directly adjacent to ESA.

The program is called “202 Assist,” which will help residents in the Ward pay their rent during these pandemic times.

Wall was also on a call with media on Tuesday afternoon. In that call, he spoke in more detail, about his plans on whether to return this season. Our own Ben Mehic, who was on the call, reported that Wall won’t play this season upon resumption, even though he claims that he is “110 percent.”

Even though Wall is gradually getting better and closer to a return, there is also no need for him to rush back to game action.

The NBA hasn’t officially detailed plans regarding a resumption of play for the 2019-20 season, but signs are leading toward a resumption of play sometime in July.