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John Wall calls Bradley Beal a brother, believes in Wizards’ future, in video podcast

The Washington Wizards guard detailed how life is like during the pandemic.

The biggest news on John Wall’s personal life was that he is going to have his second child, another baby boy, as Greydy Diaz noted last Thursday. Wall made the announcement on the “ALL THE SMOKE” podcast with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

But other segments on that podcast caught fire on social media. At around the 4:40 mark, Wall detailed about his relationship with Bradley Beal off the court, referring to him as a brother. Beal also spent time with Wall in North Carolina during his mother’s last days.

At the 43:30 mark, Wall talks about the Wizards’ future. He still believes that he and Beal are the cornerstone of the team, but made note that Washington may have been distracted at times because there were several players on one-year deals in recent years.

All a great listen, so check it out!