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Who are your favorite underdogs in Wizards history?

Because Wizards fans love rooting for the little guy.

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics
Martell Webster had a stronger than expected tenure with the Washington Wizards. But perhaps there are other players you like better!
Photo by Chris Elise/Getty Images

This week, SB Nation’s team sites will have “Underdog Week” where we write about our favorite players who were cult classics, teams that went farther in the postseason than expected and more.

For the Washington Wizards, they have spent a lot of time in recent memory as underdogs. After all, they haven’t won 50 regular season games since the 1978-79 NBA season.

At least in this century, some players may be those you admire with D.C. area roots like Juan Dixon who played for Washington after leading Maryland to the 2001-02 NCAA men’s basketball national championship.

Gilbert Arenas was a second round draft pick in 2001 to the Golden State Warriors before coming to Washington as a free agent in 2003-04. His rapid rise also makes him an underdog.

And the Wizards also have many players who made a positive impact in their short time in D.C. Martell Webster is an example of that. I’ll even say that Randy Wittman is an underdog head coach who did better than most expected.

And of course, even the Wizards’ only championship team in 1977-78 (as the Bullets) wasn't’ favored to win it all.

So who are your favorite underdogs in Wizards’ history, whether individuals or teams? Let us know!