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The NBA is trying to implement rapid COVID-19 testing, won’t allow teams to hold draft workouts

A blood test could help get the league back up and running. A decision to continue the season won’t be made until at least May 1.

69th NBA All-Star Game
Adam Silver is still looking for any and every way to continue the 2019-20 NBA season.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The NBA and NBPA Players Union are collaborating to look for ways to continue the 2019-20 season in light of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The league is also looking at ways for teams to start the pre-draft process, even though prospects can’t go work out anywhere at the moment.

Rapid coronavirus testing could help get the NBA back on track

A new type of rapid blood testing could provide accurate results within 15 minutes, according to Baxter Holmes of ESPN. Such tests would be critical to restarting play as soon as possible.

Basketball is a sport where players just aren’t going to social distance and be six feet away (or 1.5 meters away), depending on whether you use American or European recommendations. Until there is at least some assurance that a certain group doesn’t have coronavirus, the blunt measures in place are the only option. These rapid tests could be a way for us to see the real Wizards, not the virtual ones on NBA2K, play some games once again.

If all of this works out, it’s not like the NBA will start next week or the week after that. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last night on the NBA’s Twitter page that he wouldn’t make any decisions until at least May 1, likely later.

NBA teams are limited to four hours of virtual contact per prospect

In another sign reflecting the new reality we’re in, the NBA is prohibiting teams from holding in-person activities with draft prospects, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Instead, teams can hold four total hours of virtual interviews. They can review prospects on film of course, as long as it’s before Mar. 11 when the NBA suspended the season.

I don’t think these affect the Wizards worse than any other team. Basketball, even as a recreational activity is effectively banned at the moment. Also, practice facilities and gyms are closed unless they are home gyms perhaps.

Though Wojnarowski finished his article stating that the Barclays Center would host the NBA Draft on June 25, it seems more likely that it will be held virtually at the moment.