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Bradley Beal wants to finish his NBA career with the Wizards, go back to college

The Wizards’ star guard explained in a column on The Undefeated that he wanted to see his number retired after his career ends. Beal also took note that his entire family has bachelor’s degrees while he still doesn’t.

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers
Bradley Beal recently said that he would like to finish his career with the Washington Wizards.
Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal spoke at length to Marc Spears of The Undefeated recently. In a column that was published yesterday, Beal made it clear that he wanted to finish his NBA career in Washington.

Here is one snippet from the column where Beal mentioned his desire to stay with just one team in his career:

For me, I look at Kobe, I look at D-Wade [Dwyane Wade], I look at Dirk [Nowitzki], U.D. [Udonis Haslem], how they can stay in one situation for a long time.

I hate change. If it happens, it happens. But if I can control it, I will finish in D.C.

Beal, who is also the second-leading scorer in the NBA, also mentioned that though he likes his statistical production, his desire to win is even greater. Beal also went on to mention that his mother was the first person to teach him how to play basketball, which he also noted in a Players’ Tribune column last October.

That said, I learned something new about Beal in this piece. He mentioned that his parents and all of his brothers graduated from college, HBCUs to be exact — Brad left college after his freshman season. Beal went on to say that he wanted to go back to college and finish his degree.

Overall, I liked reading Beal’s column with Spears, and there’s a lot more in the column than what I mentioned here. Though I’m a bit skeptical about whether he can actually play his entire career with the Wizards, it is still great to see that he genuinely likes playing here in the nation’s capital.