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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: A note about future coverage in light of coronavirus

Dallas Mavericks v Washington Wizards
Let’s hope that the color green give us good luck in the long run y’all.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/NBAE via Getty Images

Normally, St. Patrick’s Day will be a festive occasion. Bars will be filled with people wanting a drink or two. Kids in school get green cupcakes. And I remember this day as one where I often get pinched for not wearing anything green.

This year, life in the D.C. area has grinded to a near halt. And it’s for good reason. The coronavirus is starting to show its wrath in the United States. We need to stay indoors to the extent possible to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

If you can’t because your job depends on it, I totally understand. We also don’t want to be put into a tough situation either whether you can put food on the table or lose your jobs. Or worse. It’s a horrible situation for everyone.

And for me, specifically. I feel ... horrible. And I think many of you do too. This is just a good time for all of us to re-assess life.

As for the Wizards and the Mystics? There isn’t much news to write on them at the moment. Yes, we’ll write basketball content when we can, and we have some ideas coming over the coming days and weeks. But again, there are more pressing issues in your lives, and ours. All of these go beyond the stereotypes of the day itself, and Irish people as a whole.

Take this time to be with your families. I encourage it.

Again, stay safe everyone. We’ll try to post at least once a day where we can. If nothing else, I’ll just pop in and say hi, so we all can have some sense of normalcy during this truly uncertain time.