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Many NBA All-Stars believe Bradley Beal is one of the biggest snubs

Many of the participants in NBA All-Star weekend believe that the Washington Wizards guard should have played in Chicago.

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks
Bradley Beal was apparently one of the top snubs, even if Charles Barkley doesn’t necessarily think so.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In each of the past few seasons, we wrote an NBA All-Star Game recap, because either John Wall, Bradley Beal, or both were playing in it. Unfortunately, the Washington Wizards didn’t have a participant in the All-Star Game, so there was no need to write what happened in the game. (Team LeBron won by the way.)

Anyway, it appears as if many of the NBA’s current All-Stars (and Wizards rookie Rui Hachimura) believe that Beal was the biggest snub in this year’s contest.

Bleacher Report produced a video of the players’ answers, and here’s the video below.

It’s not particularly surprising that the players believe Beal was a snub. They voted him in as a starter since he was second in player voting for the Eastern Conference starters earlier this year.

Note that the Eastern and Western Conference teams are still voted on, though they are ultimately re-drafted by the two leading vote recipients.

This season, there is a perception that there are more snubs than usual. What could the NBA do to address the issue, if any, on snubs? Let us know in the comments below.