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The NBA doesn’t have specific protocols on when to postpone or cancel games due to the coronavirus, according to report

The league won’t say how such a scenario will happen.

2020 NBA Draft
The NBA has road trip protocols but none on when teams have to call it a day because of the coronavirus.
Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

On Wednesday, Baxter Holmes of ESPN reported that the NBA does not have a specific guideline on when games will be postponed or cancelled due to coronavirus outbreaks.

Instead, per Holmes’ article, “the NBA will consider several variables, including the nature of the positive cases and when, where and how they happened.”

The league has already required that players NOT go to indoor establishments like night clubs or live entertainment (which could be a comedy show ... or yes, a strip club).

But I think the local and state governments where teams are based may have a heavier influence on when contests are postponed due to COVID-19. For example, if multiple states with NBA teams decide to ban sports contests at the professional level, that will put the league into a bind. That would make the coronavirus threshold moot.

If the NBA couldn’t play in many states, does the league move multiple teams to other states where games go on, and likely in a place like Florida where face masks and social distancing are discouraged? Or do they wait it out and suspend games until the spring?

The hodgepodge coronavirus response of the USA is a major reason why our country is among the leaders in the world in case transmission rates and deaths per capita. And ultimately, a national response to this thing is the only way we get through it without suffering more unnecessary deaths than we already will this winter.