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Watch Bradley Beal’s 39 point performance against the Magic

The Wizards’ guard is looking like an All-NBA player. Will team losses prevent him from getting there?

The Washington Wizards lost 130-120 last night to the Orlando Magic. Russell Westbrook had a triple double, but he didn’t look particularly good getting there. Bradley Beal however, looked very good getting his 39 points. You can watch his highlights in the video above.

Beal shots 14-of-24 last night and also 2-of-5 from the three point line. His shot distribution was also on point. The majority of his shots were close to the rim, and there weren’t too many mid range shots, unless he wanted to shoot from the free throw line area.

While Beal is now better known as a scorer than anything else (remember, he came into the league with the expectation of being just a sharpshooter), he continues to show that he can do more than score points. He still grabbed 7 rebounds and dished 5 assists which are very good numbers for all shooting guards. And it’s promising for the Wizards that Beal can still put up big numbers with Westbrook now on the team.

Let’s just hope he won’t go 9-of-13 on his free throws for the rest of the season.