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BF Community Predictions: How good do you think the Wizards will be in 2020-21?

We got a lot of predictions, and here they are by you, our community members!

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Hi all, thank you for submitting your 2020-21 Washington Wizards season predictions. They are below!


Coaching and Front Office

  • Coaching will be garbage again (imperialme)
  • Scott Brooks gets a two-year extension (CDKA)
  • Brooks will no longer be the Wizards’ head coach after the 2020-21 season, but he will still coach them for the year (kurli-kid, rotosportsbook, CzechWizfan, gorebd)
  • Brooks coaches the whole 2020-21 season, but unknown whether he keeps his job after that (VCTerp)
  • Juwan Howard, the Michigan men’s basketball head coach will replace Scott Brooks (rotosportsbook).
  • Scott Brooks is fired midseason if the Wizards have a horrific start (0-8 or similar start), (rockyboyuser)
  • Tommy Sheppard will be fired as Wizards GM after 2020-21 (gorebd implies this)
  • Masai Ujiri is hired as an executive for Monumental Sports & Entertainment after the regular season where he hires his own GM for the Wizards. (gorebd)
  • No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference (DarrellWalkerFan)
  • Scott Brooks gets an “Ernie Grunfeld special,” a/k/a the secret extension that’s announced after the fact.

Record Predictions

  • 34 wins and a 9th place finish for the play-in tournament (izaballa)
  • The Wizards will go .500 or 36-36 (All dc and unc)
  • A Top-6 finish in the Eastern Conference, which means a guaranteed playoff berth (WarsawKen, DCUniverse, Mandark, sheedali, B4ThePearl, VCTerp)
  • The Wizards will win 38 games (drknowitall)
  • The No. 7 seed (which means a play-in berth (jeffco01, rockyboyuser)
  • A lottery finish (WizWatcher)
  • They make the play-in tournament but it’s unclear if they make the Round of 16 (WhyNotTyler, MeToo, DCPerspective, D.C. sports fan in SoCal)
  • They make the play-in tournament but miss the Round of 16 in the playoffs (kurli-kid)
  • The Wizards participate in at least 6 games with more than 250 total points scored. (WhyNotTyler)
  • Wizards make the Round of 16 in the playoffs, but the seed is unclear (VBfan)
  • Scott Brooks will get an extension (Twelfth Man, sheedali)

Player production, and team stats

  • Russell Westbrook continues to put up numbers similar to his OKC and Houston days (kurli-kid)
  • Beal is unhappy with the team at the end of the year but there are no real options for trades (kurli-kid)
  • Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal make the All-Star Team if one is named (All dc and unc, rotosportsbook, VCTerp)
  • The Wizards will make a trade for a veteran player by the deadline not named Russell Westbrook (All dc and unc)
  • Westbrook will not have a great statistical first half of the season because he is “trying too hard” to be a good teammate (WhyNotTyler)
  • The Wizards participate in at least 6 games with more than 250 total points scored. (WhyNotTyler)
  • A Wizards player will win the Most Improved Player of the Year award this season (DJMilk)
  • Westbrook finishes the regular season top 5in assists per game (WhyNotTyler)
  • Deni Avdija makes the All-Rookie team (VBfan, Twelfth Man, sheedali, gorebd)
  • Bradley Beal will be traded by the end of the 2020-21 season (VBfan)
  • Beal remains a Wizard the entire season (VCTerp)
  • The Wizards will trade for a post player by the trade deadline to split time with Thomas Bryant.
  • Deni Avdija is a starter for most of the season, at the expense of Davis Bertans (CzechWizFan)
  • Bertans will average 5 three pointers MADE per game (CzechWizFan) -
  • The Wizards will entertain trade offers for Westbrook this season, but won’t move on them (Twelfth Man)
  • Bradley Beal make the All-NBA Third Team (Twelfth Man)
  • Rui Hachimura will not show much improvement (sheedali)
  • The Wizards’ defense improves significantly (Wall2Beal4Three)
  • The Wizards have a about a Top-20 defense in the NBA (noinipo)
  • Westbrook leads the NBA in assists (gorebd)
  • Westbrook averages a triple double (gorebd)
  • The Wizards trade for Myles Turner (gorebd)
  • Bertans’ three point percentage drops by five or more percentage points. That means he will average 37.4 percent or less of his threes this season (VCTerp)
  • Four players average 14 ppg or more (CDKA)
  • Four players average 6 rpg or more (CDKA)
  • The Wizards finish in the Top 20 for points given up per game (CDKA)
  • Russell Westbrook plays both games of a back-to-back in February on, presumably to save Scott Brooks’ job (CDKA)
  • The Wizards’ roster will include two players shooting better than 40% from 3 and two non-centers shooting worse than 30%. (WhyNoteTyler)
  • The Wizards have a Top 5 offense and Bottom 5 defense (All dc and UNC)

And more that may or may not involve other teams

  • There will be a new BF flame war over one of Troy brown, TB, or Bonga vs brad and russ and how they’re being held back by the two stars. (sheedali)
  • There will be a new BF flame war over who the backup point guard should be. Ish Smith? Raul Neto? Troy Brown? Jerome Robinson? Beal? (sheedali)
  • The Houston Rockets finish with a better record than the Wizards (rockyboyuser)
  • Robin & GWiz make up and become best friends (Bullets Fever)
  • Deni Avdija performs worse than Tyrese Haliburton (kurli-kid)