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Make your 2020-21 Wizards season predictions here!

What are some predictions that you have about Washington’s NBA team? Sound off here and we will post them this Wednesday!

Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets
Now is time for you to make your predictions on the Washington Wizards. We will revisit them once their 2020-21 season is over.
Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Hope you all had a great weekend. Today, I hope you are all recharging your batteries before the Christmas and New Year’s weekends, and the start of the 2020-21 NBA season.

Some of you have requested in the comments over the past couple weeks to create a community post where everyone can write a comment about a particular prediction they have about the Washington Wizards this season. They can range on a bunch of topics, like:

  • Coaching — Will Scott Brooks be the head coach for the entire season? Or will Brooks get an extension?
  • Record Predictions — Will the Wizards make the 2021 NBA Playoffs? Will they make it outright as a Top-6 seed or will they need to play their way into the Round of 16?
  • Player statistics — How many three point shots will Davis Bertans make? How many starts will Bertans or Deni Avdija get?
  • Player trades — Will the Wizards make a move for a superstar? (Okay, they did just a few weeks ago). Will Bradley Beal still be in a Wizards uniform past the trade deadline?
  • Miscellaneous — Will the Wizards have fans at Capital One Arena this season? Will season ticket prices go down for the 2021-22 season? How many free Chick-fil-A sandwiches will fans win? Just so you know, I am not going have our community post have predictions on completely erroneous things like what brand of underwear or pizza crust Thomas Bryant or any other player prefers. I saw a number of comments like that in our last call for mailbag posts, so keep that in mind. One or two of these is funny but tens of these types of predictions are not necessary.

Give your predictions in the comments below. We’ll turn off the comments at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Dec. 22 so we can sort these out. And our community post will be published on Wednesday, Dec. 23 around midday or so. Thanks!