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Watch Thomas Bryant score 22 points against the Pistons

Russell Westbrook made his debut for the Wizards last night. Bryant helped get Washington the win.

Earlier today, Kevin Broom shared the statistical numbers behind the Washington Wizards’ 99-96 win against the Detroit Pistons last night. He also shared you insight on Thomas Bryant’s 22 point performance from a more traditional perspective.

You can watch his performance in the video above.

Besides the really loud fake crowd noise, it is good to see Bryant comfortable with his jump shot. He made 3-of-6 of his three pointers (7-of-12 overall) and had an analytics-friendly shot chart as you can see in the diagram below.

As TV play by play announcer Justin Kutcher mentioned, Bryant also looks leaner and quicker this year. Given that the Wizards will likely play at a fast pace with Russell Westbrook setting the tempo at point guard, that’s going to be a must.

Finally, with the Wizards getting a win to finish the preseason, do you feel a little better about how they might fare this season?

Their next game is on Wednesday, Dec. 23 against the Philadelphia 76ers and though the pandemic still worries me more than anything, I’m otherwise looking forward to seeing how the Wizards kick off their 2020-21 season.