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John Wall discusses his rehab, wishes there were more NBA player rivalries on Gilbert Arenas’ video show

The Washington Wizards point guard was on Gilbert Arenas’ “No Chill” show on fubo Sports Network.

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall was a guest on former Washington star Gilbert Arenas’ show, “No Chill” on the fubo Sports Network last Monday. You can watch the entire 48 minute clip above. Please note that some of the language in the video is safe for work.

In the interview, Wall discussed something he had in common with Arenas: both players were injured and missed significant parts of multiple seasons. Wall specifically said that he really wanted to get back on the court, but also had to not play through pain. He spoke about that at length in the clip below.

Wall was also not a fan of NBA players being too friendly with each other. He openly wished that there were more rivalries and competition among players.

With the NBA season likely starting up again in late December, it’s clear Wall is ready to hit the ground running and play with a chip on his shoulder. But he also won’t overdo things if he starts getting minor injuries as the season goes on.