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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone

This Thanksgiving isn’t like others. But we hope you enjoy this day of rest and reflection.

We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year.
Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving this year in 2020.

As you all know, this year has been tough. Our way of life as we know it, has been upended by the coronavirus. Big parties are a thing of the past. Face masks, once viewed as taboo except to some East Asian groups due to recent past respiratory virus epidemics, is now commonplace, and even a fashion statement among the public.

And travel bans or 14-day state-mandated quarantines, once viewed as something that repressed citizens of countries in war-torn lands, now affect Americans indefinitely. It’s because most of the western and far eastern world: EU citizens, the British, the Koreans — even the Canadians believe that Americans are too much of a health risk to bring in for non-essential purposes like vacations or short term family visits.

Vaccine help is on the way next year. And I anticipate a true national response against the coronavirus after January 20 of next year. But still. I think the damage has been done. I’m not sure how people in countries outside of the US will view us going forward, even if or when they allow Americans again when they want to go on vacation. But that’s another topic for another day.

Ultimately, I want to say that I’m optimistic about 2021. I think our political climate will calm down and our management of the coronavirus will be more effective. We will hit a new normal where we can hang out in person again, even at basketball games!

At the same time, we are also about to hit the worst peaks of the coronavirus as we head into December and January. I hope you are staying at home with your closest loved ones during this time. And when it comes to the food, I hope it’s as good as it usually is.

The end of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be in sight. It should be next year. But at the same time, let’s make it to next spring, so we can start having full crowds at Washington Wizards games for the 2021-22 season and beyond.

Thanks for reading or listening to this ramble. Happy Thanksgiving.