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The Wizards hit the jackpot by drafting Deni Avdija

Tommy Sheppard and the Wizards’ front office do their homework with European prospects, so don’t let the Jan Vesely pick from 2011 scare you.

2020 NBA Draft Photo by Courtesy of Deni Avdija/NBAE via Getty Images

Now it’s official: Deni Avdija is coming from Israel to the Washington Wizards.

In my series on international prospects this week I reviewed the available prospects from Europe. When discussing point forwards I discussed Avdija and Krejci and explained why both would be a great fit for the Wizards.

I didn’t believe Deni would be available at No. 9. But once he was available, Johnny Rogers and Tommy Sheppard, as I explained in part 1, know the Euro market as well as anybody. So it felt very natural (to me) that the Wizards picked him.

I have watched Deni play many times in Israel, interviewed him, and followed him closely this past year as I was preparing an in-depth special on him for CloseUp360, you can read it all here:

I know some of you will feel a sense of caution, fearing this is another Euro bust. If you ask me, I don’t think so at all (as I argued here). Deni’s personality, work ethics, character are exactly what Tommy Sheppard is looking for. He is exactly the kind of player Bradley Beal will appreciate.

I think the Wizards really hit the lottery this year with Deni falling down to 9. Let us know what you think in the comments.