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The Wizards’ newest Stars and Stripes jerseys are in a shade of gray

The Star and Stripes jersey, or the City Edition, has a refreshed look for next season.

The Washington Wizards haven’t made any major changes to their jerseys since the 2011-12 season when they changed their colors from teal blue and gold to their current red, white and blue scheme.

The team’s popular Stars and Stripes jerseys from the 2016-17 season were refreshed last year as their “City Edition” uniforms in Nike lingo. They were refreshed again this year, according to leaked screenshots, including from Quinton Mayo of NBC Sports Washington.

The new jerseys haven’t changed much from last year, except that they are now gray and the numbers are blue. Last year’s version featured white jerseys with red numbers.

I am not a fan of these jerseys, but that’s just me.

With the exception of the “Statement Edition” jerseys which are the blue jerseys with the Jumpman logo from Jordan Brand instead of a swoosh from Nike, there are no expected changes on the team’s “Icon” (white) and “Association” (red) uniforms.