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Deal of the Day: How would Spencer Dinwiddie and the No. 19 pick look on the Wizards?

In this scenario, the Washington Wizards and Brookyln Nets swap picks and some younger players around.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Deal of the Day, an exercise in NBA deal making and a sanity check for yours truly as we wait for the NBA Draft. Each day I’ll post a trade idea that I think helps the Wizards. No trade is too small, no trade is too big… but I only have so many 4+ team trades in me, I swear. Move up in the draft? Yessir. Move back? For sure-for sure. All trades run through’s simulator.

So they can hear you in the back now, “Salary cap rules may be bent but hopefully not broken”.

And finally, my apologies in advance for the horoscopes in this one.

Today’s Deal of the Day: The Wizards acquire a promising player and a pick from the Nets for Ish Smith, Thomas Bryant and their pick

There is DRAMA in Brooklyn y’all. You didn’t hear it from me but the new mega stars see things their own way. And when they make up their minds, they can’t be swayed.

The Washington Wizards trade guard Ish Smith (92), center Thomas Bryant (143) and the #9 pick overall to the Brooklyn Nets for Guard Spencer Dinwiddie (109) and Center Jarrett Bryant (161) and 2020 first round pick #19 overall. Brooklyn selected point forward Aleksej Pokusevski with the 19th pick in my most recent mock draft.

Why do the Nets do the deal?

It’s insulting you have to ask. Everybody knows Kyrie Irving is a Pisces - Aries cusp and Dinwiddie AT THE SAME POSITION is an Aries. We don’t have to run Captain Obvious’ star chart to realize Kyrie CANNOT allow Spencer to cast an eclipse over his rising harvest moon in New York.

They get Ish Smith back, a Cancer best known for comprehending the emotions of others. HELLO. He can also keep an offense humming when Kyrie is out without challenging the pecking order or any scientific constants.

Thomas Bryant, as a Leo, is the wildcard in the mix but he’s welcomed as a high level 3 point shooter that contrasts in skill from returning star-friendly Center, DeAndre Jordan (Cancer, but you knew that).

Obviously, the #9 pick is much more valuable than the #19 pick. As if the Nets could select a player with a prime numbered pick in this star economy. LOL. `

Why do the Wizards do the deal?

The Wizards need to shake things up and the #9 pick is their best asset to get what they need. Dinwiddie provides a strong 3 guard lineup or an elite second unit guard. With John scheduled to rest some in 2021 the Wizards are going to need both. At 6’5 Dinwiddie provides size and scores well enough to play off Troy Brown Jr. handling the rock too.

The Wizards flip the script defensively starting with rim protection. I hear Jarrett Allen has fans among the BF community. Brooklyn is only OK including him to get off that prime number pick, also because he’s extension eligible and they don’t want to pay him. I imagine a guy putting up 15-13-2-2 per 36 minutes is going to cost ‘ya.

Moving back from #9 to #19 is a BIG fall but its the cost of doing business. Washington can still grab a wing like Josh Green or Robert Woodard or go BPA.


Trade #9, Ish and Bryant for Dinwiddie, Allen and #19?

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  • 57%
    Yes, I’d rather get Allen + pay him than scrounge around the vet MLE market like a Capricorn.
    (150 votes)
  • 42%
    No, #9 is the gateway to the rising sign we need to finally make the changes we deserve.
    (109 votes)
259 votes total Vote Now

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