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Admiral Schofield shows potential in Wizards’ game vs. Magic

The Wizards rookie scored a career-high 18 points on Jan. 8 in their loss to the Orlando Magic.

The Washington Wizards lost 123-89 to the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. Overall, the game was a forgettable performance for the team and Washington was also swept 0-4 to Orlando as Diamond Holton mentioned in yesterday’s recap.

We know this season will be a rebuilding year no matter how we look at it. And it’s important for us to look at the bright spots even though the losses will pile up. Rookie forward Admiral Schofield scored 18 points on 8-of-13 shooting and made 2-of-6 from the three point line. He also grabbed 6 rebounds.

Schofield hasn’t had too many opportunities to shine just yet for Washington just yet. However, in a game where the Wizards had trouble keeping their veterans effective and only had nine game-ready players due to injuries, Schofield took advantage of his opportunities. Hopefully, he’ll get more chances in the Wizards’ next game on Friday against the Atlanta Hawks.