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Wizards at Bucks final score: Bradley Beal scores 47 in 151-131 loss

Another tough loss for the Wizards tonight.

Washington Wizards v Milwaukee Bucks
Bradley Beal saw plenty of action in the Wizards’ game against the Bucks on Tuesday night.

The Washington Wizards lost to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, 151-131.

Washington opened the game allowing the Bucks to go on a big run on them. They led 88-63 ... at the half. Though Milwaukee was without Giannis Antetokounmpo due to shoulder soreness, Khris Middleton made sure that the Bucks didn’t skip a beat. He scored 51 points in the game, and could have very well been Giannis in his body.

This tweet is all I needed to express frustration with the game at halftime.

The Wizards were able to make thing a bit more interesting in the second half. They were ultimately able to turn a 32-point deficit into a seven point one midway through the fourth quarter.

At that point, Milwaukee made one last run to put Washington away.

Bradley Beal scored 47 points to lead Washington, scoring . But they felt like empty calories to me.

While I could let the loss to the Atlanta Hawks last Sunday go due to Kobe Bryant’s death, this kind of performance isn’t acceptable. Teams just can’t allow these things to happen.

The Wizards will go back home on Thursday, Jan. 30 when they host the Charlotte Hornets. Tipoff is at 7 p.m. ET.