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Send us your Wizards and Mystics questions for a January 22 mailbag!

Happy new year! Let’s get our first mailbag of 2020 in!

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers
No, we’re not telling you what Coach Toliver’s burner account name is.
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

A new decade has started! Therefore, it’s time to get your questions in for our latest mailbag!

There are plenty of things coming up in January. The Wizards are heading toward the trade deadline. Davis Bertans may be the Wizards’ steal of last summer, but other teams are lining up asking Washington for his services. Meanwhile, the Mystics are entering free agency mode. The WNBA and WNBPA agreed to a new CBA on Tuesday.

So let’s get to a mailbag. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Email me: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com
  • Comment on this post
  • Tweet at us or reply to us on Facebook with the hashtag #BFMailbag.

Please send questions through 12 p.m. ET Monday, Jan. 20, We’ll have our mailbag answers on Wednesday, Jan. 22.