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Bradley Beal breaks down his tattoos in a recent video

The Washington Wizards guard explains the meaning of various tattoos on his body.

The perception of tattoos is changing across society. NBA players wear sleeveless jerseys and shorts while playing, so it’s easier to see their artwork than many other groups of people.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is one of the NBA players who wears a number of them on his body. In a video for GQ Sports which you can see above, he explains that tattoos are “kind of addictive” and explained the markings on his body. There are tattoos that represent his family, his hometown of St. Louis, Mo. and more.

If there is one piece of advice Beal had for anyone who is considering getting a tattoos, he wants you to know that “there is no going back!” After all, tattoos are a hassle to remove with laser surgery and the like.