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Troy Brown Jr. shares thoughts after win against Atlanta Hawks

Is there a better time than now to let Brown Jr. try handling the ball?

Troy Brown Jr. is having a solid month, averaging 16.7 point and 7.7 rebounds per game. In the Wizards’ 111-101 win against the Atlanta Hawks Friday night, the shooting guard looked confident and aggressive on both ends of the floor. He put up 18 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. He’s been showing up plenty glimpses of his ability to handle the ball and it would be interesting to see if Coach Brooks him run the point for a change. If there’s a time to try new things, it’s now, with so many injuries.

In his post game press conference, Coach Scott Brooks talked about how “elite” of a player he believes Brown Jr. is.

“He’s elite,” said Brooks. “He’s an elite rebounder for his position. And his position is multiple positions. We are trying to figure that he can play some four, when we play smaller teams like tonight. But he rebounds. He rebounds when he has the two, he rebounds when he is at the three, he rebounds when he is at the four. We’ve haven’t played him at the one but he’s been a ball handler at times. He’s a great rebounder. He gets in there and he battles and he gets big rebounds over bigs. And it’s good, we need everyone one of them. We haven’t been a great rebounding team over the years, but with him it’s getting better and I think it’s going to help us.”

After the game, Brown Jr. talked about what’s working for the team right now, the difference for the team in the last six minutes, and his rebounding.