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Bullets Forever announces staff promotions

Learn who our Deputy Managing Editor, Editor at Large and Lead Reporter are here!

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Over the last month, I have spent time planning things out for the Wizards’ 2019-20 season while enjoying the Mystics’ historic run right now. One of the first things I did as site manager was rearrange our staff and titles.

I am the Managing Editor

Yes, I am still the site manager which is SB Nation’s technical term for the people who run each site. But as the saying goes, the buck stops with me on our editorial content and our writers’ workloads. Functionally, nothing has changed with my role on the site. But the title of Managing Editor fits best with me given the tasks I have for the site.

I pondered whether to give myself the title of Editor In Chief. However people in that role, especially for a newspaper typically don’t write much content. I however, will be in the trenches writing content along with the rest of our editors and writers and feel that this is the most appropriate title.

Now let’s get to the people who have been promoted to new roles on the site.

Kevin Broom is our Deputy Managing Editor

It is very important for us to have a strong team of editors in place. After careful consideration, Kevin is now our Deputy Managing Editor.

Kevin has written some of our best content over the past year. My personal favorite piece that he wrote was titled “Wizards Rashomon: A John Wall Trade Rumor” from Dec. 2018. The piece came after he spoke to several NBA insiders including agents and the Wizards’ front office about Wall’s availability to Los Angeles at the time. Since that piece was published, Wall ruptured his Achilles and will probably not be traded anytime soon.

Kevin’s writing is amazing. But he also comes from a public relations background. Like journalists and content marketers, PR professionals must be great writers and follow style guidelines — and this is something Kevin is great at. I’m thrilled to have him as my second-in-command.

Diamond Holton is our Editor at Large

As the saying goes, things tend to come in threes. Neither Kevin or I can do it alone editing site content. And I’m proud to have Diamond as an editor on our team.

Diamond has been with Bullets Forever since 2018 where she initially reported on Mystics games, ran our Mystics-specific Twitter account and our main Twitter account as well. In her new role, she will also help us report on Wizards games this season and take the lead with much of our Mystics content like I have for the past several years.

We certainly have developed a bit of a Belgian following in the past few seasons especially after I dug pretty deep into Emma Meesseman’s potential back in 2016. In fact, a Francophone Belgian tweets about the Mystics for Belgian francophones and knows néerlandais — that’s Dutch in le Français — as well.

Diamond will certainly build on that following and the Belgians were happy to see her interview . But she doesn’t necessarily agree with me on Meesseman’s potential. And it’s important for us to have a diverse viewpoint on the Mystics, just like the Wizards. In short, I’m stoked that Diamond is with us and has the opportunity to grow in her new role.

Greydy Diaz is our Lead Reporter

Last, but not least, we needed someone who provides great written and video reporting from the field. Greydy checks both of those boxes and she is now our lead reporter.

As the lead reporter, Greydy will be a regular at Mystics games like she is currently is. When Wizards Media Day and season comes around, she will also be there for us.

Reporting on things game-to-game is one thing. But Greydy will also produce more long-form pieces and in-depth interviews during the course of the calendar year, whether it’s on Kristi Toliver or Bradley Beal. I’m really happy to have her on our team reporting from the ground.

That’s all from me on this one. Congratulations to Kevin, Diamond and Greydy on their new roles!