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How much benefit of the doubt should we give the Wizards this season?

Wizards fans are known to be skeptical that things have turned a corner. After a summer of front office changes, we should change the tune a bit, but how much?

Washington Wizards
Tommy Sheppard has made many decisions with a more collaborative mindset than his predecessor Ernie Grunfeld. But he isn’t getting much benefit of the doubt.
Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The summer of 2019 was one of major change for the Washington Wizards. The most notable change was with the front office as Tommy Sheppard became the team’s new General Manager, replacing his former boss, Ernie Grunfeld.

The Wizards are also sharing more services with the Mystics, Go-Go and Wizards District Gaming as part of Monumental Basketball. These services include players’ career development and wellness.

One of the major differences between Sheppard and Grunfeld is their approach to decision making. Sheppard encourages a more collaborative mindset. Grunfeld preferred a more hierarchical or top-down approach.

Though all of these changes took place, it’s way too early to say whether things will work out for the better. And some Wizards fans are skeptical, or cynical, that anything has changed.

Our own Osman Baig pointed this out last Friday.

And here are some of the responses. Several of them pointed to ownership as a reason why fans are skeptical.

It is fair to hold Ted Leonsis accountable for the Wizards’ mistakes and lack of success the last couple seasons. But he, like anyone else, can change over time. And if you are wishing that he would sell the team (since those tweets and comments happen from time to time), I addressed that last June.

There are also fans who are optimistic about Rui Hachimura’s rookie season and how Davis Bertans will fit in.

There seems to be two camps on how much benefit of the doubt fans should give the Wizards, especially the front office this season? Let us know in the comments below!