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John Wall’s nephew arrested for alleged involvement in Maryland shooting that left one paralyzed

D’Andre Wall faces life imprisonment if found guilty of all charges which include attempted murder.

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John Wall’s nephew was arrested last month and is accused of attempted murder.
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John Wall is in the news again, indirectly. Unfortunately, it is for the wrong reasons. His nephew, D’Andre Wall is charged of two counts of attempted murder in Montgomery County, Md. He is also charged of two counts of assault and reckless endangerment. If he is convicted, D’Andre could be imprisoned for life.

According to Kevin Lewis of WJLA-TV, Wall (John’s nephew) was involved in a road rage incident on Aug. 8 in Germantown, Md. when another driver cut him off. Wall allegedly followed the car, pulled a handgun from his glovebox and shot at the vehicle. The driver’s girlfriend was with him and she was shot in the back at an apartment complex after Wall pursued then.

The shooting victim is now paralyzed because of her injuries.

The car was there because the driver was going to sell THC cartridges (marijuana containers). Marijuana purchases are illegal in Maryland if they aren’t from a dispensary.

Wall is employed as a landscaper at John’s house in Potomac, Md. John brought D’Andre to Washington from Raleigh to stay away from trouble.

D’Andre and his girlfriend Khavena Millar were arrested six days later after a license plate check traced the getaway vehicle to Millar. She was charged with being an accessory to a crime.

This certainly isn’t the news that anyone wants to hear. And I’m sure John is not happy with the situation even though he has nothing to do with it.

Here is hoping that the shooting victim recovers in light of paralysis and that the facts around the shooting and road rage incident get figured out soon.