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Let’s not get too worked up over Bradley Beal’s NBA 2K20 rating

The Washington Wizards guard has an 87 rating, but is it too low? Let the real-time rosters figure it out midseason!

Earlier this week, NBA 2K released selected player ratings in anticipation of NBA 2K20’s release on Sept. 6, 2019.

Bradley Beal was one of the players whose rating was released. According to NBA 2K, it is an 87.

Player ratings are a relative thing. But According to, LeBron James and Kawhi Leonards are the two highest rated players with 97 ratings each. Beal is also the shooting guard with the fifth highest rating, below James Harden (96), Klay Thompson (89), Donovan Mitchell (88) and Jimmy Butler (88). Devin Booker was rated an 88 in 2K19 and could also be rated higher than Beal.

In general, I can’t complain too much with Beal’s individual player rating. So yeah, it’s an unpopular opinion among Wizards fans, especially considering that his numerical rating dropped from an 88 last year. The other shooting guards on this list are also elite and ranked accordingly and video game algorithms change year to year.

Also, it’s important for us not to get too worked up with an individual player rating. In today’s world of online gaming and real-time rosters, Beal’s rating is sure to go up if he continues to build on his strong 2018-19 performance.