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Emma Meesseman on motivation, her bench role, and the Mystics’ different lineups

The Belgian Cat and Mystics forward has spoken...

Washington Mystics forward Emma Meesseman chats with Diamond Holton after their Aug. 11 win over the Minnesota Lynx.

Emma Meesseman is one of the Washington Mystics’ biggest assets. Having her back on floor after playing with the Belgium women’s national team in Women’s EuroBasket has been a big help to Washington as a whole.

One thing that wasn’t for certain was whether Meesseman would eventually start or remain coming off the bench. Once she returned from EuroBasket, it became evident that Meesseman was best utilized as a reserve. There is a negative connotation with a player of Meesseman’s caliber being a bench player, especially since she is just 26-years old. But Meesseman is actually playing as well as any of Washington’s starters.

Meesseman averaged 12.3 points, 4 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game this season. Her biggest game was last Sunday against the Minnesota Lynx where she dropped a season-high 25 points off the bench.

I talked to Meesseman after the game to see what was behind her performance. She let me know exactly what her and the team’s motivation is as well as adjusting to her role as a sixth-woman. She even added how it’s been with the different lineups from small to big and vice versa.

Though Meesseman may not be starting, Wizards radio analyst Glenn Consor has often said that “it’s not about who starts games. It’s about who finishes them.”

Emma Meesseman is someone who the Mystics depend on to finish and closes out games for each and every win.