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BIG3 Week 5 Recap: Enemies lose 50-38 to Trilogy

Gilbert Arenas only scored 2 points in the loss.

BIG3 - Week Five - Oklahoma City
Gilbert Arenas takes a shot in the Enemies’ loss to the Trilogy on July 21.
Photo by Cooper Neill/BIG3/Getty Images

Gilbert Arenas was quiet on Sunday in the Enemies’ BIG3 game against Trilogy. He only scored 2 points in a 50-38 loss. Still, Craig Smith is continuing his strong run in the summer 3x3 league, scoring 18 points and making two three pointers. In fact, Smith is the league’s second overall leading scorer.

For Triolgy, David Hawksin and James White scored 18 points each for Trilogy in their comfortable win. The Enemies are now 3-2 in the season and tied for fourth place in the league.

If you are worried about whether Arenas’ performance is declining in the league, that may not be the case. Rather, he may be willing to let other players shine if they have a chance to get back into the NBA. For example, Royce White is on the Enemies and is potentially looking to get back into the NBA after a rocky start to his career.

The Triplets are no longer undefeated

The game of the week in the BIG3 was between the Triplets and Power last Saturday.

The Triplets started out as the hottest team in the league with a 4-0 record heading into last weekend. Unfortunately, Joe Johnson and Co. lost, 50-47 though he did score another 19 points. For Power, Corey Maggette scored 20 points and helped them get into a 4-1 tie with the Triplets and the Killer 3’s.


Saturday, July 20

  • 3’s Company 50, Bivouac 34
  • Power 50, Triplets 47
  • Tri-State 50, 3 Headed Monsters 46

Sunday, July 21

  • Aliens 51, Ghost Ballers 35
  • Trilogy 50, Enemies 38
  • Killer 3’s 50, Ball Hogs 35