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2019 NBA Trade Rumor: Miami Heat interested in acquiring Bradley Beal

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However, the Heat don’t have much to offer for the Wizards guard. Still, expect teams to make their bids.

Washington Wizards v Miami Heat
The Miami Heat apparently want Bradley Beal, but don’t expect such a move to be imminent.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Wizards are committed to keeping Bradley Beal which also means that they aren’t interested in committing into a full-scale rebuild.

That doesn’t mean that teams won’t try.

The Miami Heat apparently wanted him, according to Matt Barnes on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Sunday. This is because they have reportedly acquired Jimmy Butler in a four-team trade and now, they want to get another start to play alongside him.

Fred Katz of The Athletic and Adrian Wojnarowski calmed the Beal to Miami rumor — for now — reaffirming that the Wizards have no interest trading their franchise player away.

Though this rumor is effectively dead today, just because the Wizards said that they won’t trade Beal today doesn’t mean that they may not have a change of heart soon. Other teams who missed out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving may start bidding for Beal’s services and give the Wizards an offer they can’t refuse.

We’ll see what the Wizards do in the coming days and weeks ahead!