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Sam Dekker was on vacation in Amsterdam before the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders camp in Latvia

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Wat een gezellige vakantie voor hem en zijn vrouw, Olivia!

Wizards forward Sam Dekker is coming off his first season with the Wizards. The summer is also a great time to unwind, and even get away from basketball for a bit. For the last three days, he was in Amsterdam, Netherlands with his wife, ESPN reporter Olivia Dekker.

Here are a few pictures from their last few days in “the Dam.” You can see pictures of the Dekkers near the canals, eating stroopwafels (pronounced STROHP-waffles not STROOOOOP-waffles) and going to the bar among other things.

If you are from the Netherlands, Belgium or Suriname, you may be wondering if Dekker comes from the Benelux because of his last name. His grandmother came to the U.S. from the Netherlands, according to Candace Buckner of The Washington Post.

Though Dekker came to the Netherlands for a quick vacation, he is ultimately a baller. Amsterdam may be well-known as the home of Ajax but it isn’t the Dutch-speaking city known for basketball. Instead, the Dutch-speaking basketball universe revolves around Ieper, Belgium as we all know!

Dekker is also participating in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders camp in Riga, Latvia with several other players. The camp brings in many top European boys and girls basketball players 17 and under where Dekker, other players and NBA coaches will work with them on their skills. The camp is from June 9 to June 12.

And while we are at it, here are some pictures of the scenery there.

Glad to see that Dekker is enjoying some much-needed down time after last season.