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BIG3 Week 1 Saturday: Gilbert Arenas and the Enemies take on Bivouac, but he didn’t play.

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The Summer 3x3 begins its third season with a familiar Wizards alum.

Washington Wizards v Denver Nuggets
Gilbert Arenas and the Enemies make their debut in the BIG3 on June 22,
NBA/Getty Images

Update: Gilbert Arenas didn’t play. The original post is below.

The BIG3 3x3 summer professional basketball league begins its third season tonight. A solid number of Wizards alumni will play this year, including three-time All-Star Gilbert Arenas. We will give a general preview of the games and any highlights in the days after with some questions, and the game schedule:

How long is the season?

Games are held on Saturdays and Sundays at basketball arenas throughout the United States. from June 22 through Aug. 18. The Playoffs are on Aug. 25 and the Championship is on Sept. 1.

Will there be a game in Washington?

No. As long as Ted Leonsis owns the Mystics, where his WNBA team’s players don’t like Arenas at all, he probably won’t have the BIG3 with Arenas at any property he owns. That’s because of some controversial comments Arenas made on social media in 2015.

That said, the closest BIG3 game will be in Philadelphia, Pa. on June 30, 2019 though the Enemies won’t play that day. The Enemies will play in Charlotte, N.C. on June 29 and in Providence, R.I. on July 13.

How do I watch the games?

All games are live on CBS and CBS Sports Network. In the Washington area, games are on WUSA-TV, or Channel 9.

Where and what time is the first game tonight, June 22?

The first game starts at 8 p.m. ET at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Mich.

Okay, which teams are playing?

  • Triology vs. 3-Headed Monsters Jason Terry captains the Triology and Kenyon Martin is the coach! Meanwhile, Friendly High School and Pittsburgh alum Sam Young is also part of Terry’s and Martin’s squad. The 3-Headed Monsters are headlined by former Wizards forward Rashard Lewis who played during John Wall’s rookie and sophomore seasons.
  • Power vs. 3’s Company — Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman is the coach and 14-year NBA veteran Corey Maggette captains the Power. They face off against a 3’s Company squad that features Wizards analyst Drew Gooden as a co-captain and Washington, D.C. native DerMarr Johnson as their leader.
  • Enemies vs. Bivouac — This is the matchup most of you are seeing. We wrote about Arenas and his teammates here. As for Bivouac, former Wizards point guard Will Bynum is a co-captain. Their star player is 13-year NBA veteran Josh Smith.

This is your GameThread as well!

Enjoy tonight’s games!